Product Design

Anthony had been inventing and designing for years. Only until his return from living in California had he started to develop his ideas into actual products. Much of the earlier work was Photography related, but interests change and a move to woodworking lead to new discoveries.

Woodrave Wood template - This Template was deigned for wood worker to make clamping tables for their shop. A clamping table allows a woodworker to clamp anywhere in the interior of the table, as opposed to only along the edges. Videos and more information can be found at the Woodrave sales site at

Z Slider - The project was to design a camera slide which could be purchased as a kit and added too, in order to make a system which is normally expensive a more affordable system for video and time lapse work. The system can be ran manually with a hand crank or ran with the motor system. This project looked for funding on Kickstarter, but was not successful with only about $4,693 in pledges.

The Forty Eighth: Contemporary Photography at Arizona's Centennial

Zeh Bounce - This product was designed to dull the intensity of camera flashes from DSLR cameras. This was an inexpensive lighting solution for entry level photographers, to give better lighting in indoor situation due to it's more natural lighting effect. It was designed based on when photographers used a card to redirect light. This was designed to be light weight and attach to the camera. More can be seen at :

Scorpion Plate - This was a design to give Photographers a fully customizable  photo rig for film work with a DSLR camera using standard magic arms and handles to convert the rig into many configurations.Scorpion rig kit with parts. Scorpion plate handles, shoulder brace, magic arms, camera mounting plate and screws

Single Handle shoulder rig with top handle and shoulder brace.
Fig Rig Configuration for complete handheld option. Good mobility with the camera for unusual shots.Two handed handle configuration with top handle with shoulder brace.
Semi-Fig rig with double up handles and top handle.

Tripod Flight - This is a platform to stabilize a Tripod on a ladder. It allows for adding height and a standing platform to your camera Tripod, without the added cost of a high end tall height ladder. This allow people to get as high as the ladder will extend. It was designed around the Little Giant select step ladders (no association).

GatorGrip System - The GatorGrip is an attachable handle which can be attached to gatorboard to use as flags or reflectors in photography. It allow for greater flexibility, They can be remove and placed in other positions. The can be used on small flags and reflector sizes from as little as needed to large 4'x8' sheets to create large flags or reflectors, which can be attached to light stands or hand held.

BiPod - This was a simple design to allow photographer to hang an iPad on their tripod for easy access and for a reference tool. It could be used for teathering the camera to the iPad or to use the iPad as a teleprompter while the camera is rolling. 

Pod Sling - Another simple design by Anthony Zeh to attach a tirpod to a standard backpack for those traveling with a tripod. It centers the tripod on a standard backpack for even weight distribution for easy carrying. 
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