Photo Art Montages

These works are montages of a number of photographic resources from old Victorian photos to royalty free images.  

Kissing Fish - This piece is a representation of the California's proposition 8 going through the Supreme Court on the issue of Gay marriage and the defensive marriage act. It is one of the civil right issues of our time. A time where religious ideology battles mainstream ideas, and how children who are left with little chance of adaption due to the repression of those who could give children loving homes. 

Shrinking and Decaying of the Old Guard - This is a representation of old ideologies trying to hold on, during a time of growth and change. A defiance of change by the fearful and how the defiants ideas are breaking down day by day.   

The Fish Lady -  This piece is a representation of the Pro-life movement. The way children who are unborn are held higher regard than those who are actually living in the current world. As children are then born in the eyes of the Pro-life movement, they can then be discarded with little to know importance.

The Unattainable - (Formally the One Percent) - This work pertains to the growing disparity in America and many parts of the work and the wealth in America is held by a small group. Meanwhile many are struggling to provide for their families, while the wealthiest enjoy taking as much as they can. The disease of greed, works to destroy a country which once allowed for there success, only to ensure their own while taking the opportunity away from the masses. 

Canons don't kill, Fish do -This work is a representation of Guns in America and how people are so blinded by there wants that they have no regard for life in general. They are willing to see others suffer and die for their own need to own a tool designed to kill. Many from the right, who are religious wing nuts who forget the commandment Thou shalt not kill.


No Cost Profiteering - This work represents how we sacrifice the children of America for the profits of our capitalists. Throwing lives away for piles of money for a handful of individual who have no investment in the lives sacrificed while making those who have lost believe they benefit for their loss. 

All Rights Reserved ©2013 Anthony Zeh