Photo Art Projects

A Portrait of 100 Arizona Artists - during the Arizona Centennial is a black and white photo documentary of the local artists who have been an integral part of shaping and encouraging the artistic culture in metropolitan Phoenix during the past 20 years. The selected artists for this project will represent a multi-generational community of people who through their work contribute to and enhance the quality of creative offerings in Arizona. The project will explore each artist in their studio to capture an organic moment in time during their artistic process. The resultant images will reflect the person and the materials they use to develop their works - the artists are the subjects. The scope of artists includes painters, ceramicists, sculptors, collage artists, art photographers, inter-media artists and muralists. The project aims to educate and celebrate the history and diversity of the arts community by documenting their faces versus their signatures. The project currently has over 50 artists competed, but many more needed for the final book edition. Prints are available in limited editions of 25.

Images from the Artists Portrait Series:

David Dauncey - Painter, Phoenix

James Anthony Peters - Sculptor, Tempe

John Armstrong - Printmaker, Phoenix

Karolina Sussland - Painter, Phoenix

Mayme Kratz -Sculptor, Phoenix

Mike Prepski - Ceramicist, Phoenix 

Steve Gompf - Sculptor, Mesa

Solo - This project was a fun little project to interact with visitors to the Bokeh Gallery, Phoenix AZ during the artist portrait series show. The goal was to photograph 100 different people and develop those images in the hard edge black and white imagery that I have developed over time. This style exposes the unseen flaws of the individual. Often the images are not a beautiful look of the individual but a edgy rawness, showing everything we never see. People who volunteer, understand that the beauty in these images is not that of the skin. It exposes us in a way we never see. Book available at

Examples for Solo book:

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