Sculptural Works

Television's pull on America - A ceramic TV with an american flag in tow, represents the impact and control the media plays in America and how it forms ideas within people with information and misinformation. Not much has impacted peoples ideas as much as Television and the Media in our current times.

Sheamer Estates - A room installation with 69 concrete homes. Each home was on it's own plot of land with tennis felt grass. The piece was a representation of the cookie cutter communities of Phoenix and many newer communities. It is a reflection of of the 10th commandment. You must not covet your neighbor’s house. You must not covet your neighbor’s wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else that belongs to your neighbor. The Cookie cutter communities is a reflection of the covet of thy neighbor. 

Personal Mass - This piece is a commentary on religious practices and worship. How we have the ability to worship from within rather than being required to be in a church weather that be a formal church or that of one in a strip mall. We can find our spirituality from within.

Walking Amoungst the Masses
- As we walk in a city or place filled with people, we are just one of a large mass. We get lost in the shuffle and we become Almost unimportant  in the shuffle of life. This is a representation of the mass we can get lost in and we are suspend in the pool of society.(Detail) Made of hemp rope, Wire and shoe lasts.

5 Steps to  Enlightenment - As we journey through life we climb steps to wisdom and enlightenment. We can choose the journey to gradually move level to level. We work our way up through the chains of life. As we move from level to level we still remain a suspension in life attempting to gain more while still trying to keep balance. (Detail) Wood beam, Hemp rope, chain, light bulbs cast in concrete blocks.

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